Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Drunken Me

Here is a recap from Wednesday morning. You woke up with the following:

-crumbs on your bed
-mostly empty bowl of the sauce you made with Towe on Monday
-empty package of chili lime tortillas
-dry eyes since you failed to take your lenses out
-a 9-month-old food baby and/or beer baby (Apparently you had forgotten that you had just eaten. You seem to do this often).
-$0.27 cents in your wallet
and, oh my gosh you dirty fool, is that sauce still on your fingers? Hm...Nope...That's blood. Did you play with a cheese grater or a razor?!

I thought you had learned your lesson after your initiation to becoming a 24-year-old. Apparently, not the case. Not only is alcohol physical injuring you (oh and there are more bruises on your legs), but financially hurting you as well. In weeks before, you were limited to the ingredients you had and $5 to make work with at the grocery store. Hm... I suppose it did lead to some creative results...

Low maintenance pasta:

What was it?
Speghetti sauteed with sundried tomatoes, leftover red wine and EVOO.

Hobo "tempura" bananas:

Bananas shaken in ziploc of crushed raisin bran.

Ghetto corncake pancakes:

Corncake pancakes (made from scratch) with peanut butter layers, sauteed bananas topped with homemade chocolate sauce and sesame seeds.

Awesome deals were also discovered. Por ejemplo the one- day promotional $0.08 zeppole (from Led Zeppole on 14th and 2nd). Or Vanessa's dumplings with $1.29 steamed veggie bun and $1.99 pan fried pork dumplings. Not the best tasting stuff in the world, but certainly wallet friendly.

Well, I suppose it's not all bad as long as some things were learned in this process. But maybe, just maybe, tone down the drinking a bit? No? Think about it? Meh, just want to say I tried. That's all.


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  1. oh julie, where to start? i love your writing - you are truly talented. so please keep writing. second, that drinking's gotta stop. your body should not hurt when you're 24 years old. period. you are amazing for getting by on so little sleep. your'e my hero. and it was SO good seeing you this weekend. i miss you.